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Family Roles

What role do you play in your family?

There are four family roles that comprise dysfunctional familes:
     a.  Hero, is viewed as the most successful child in the family.  They can do no wrong.
     b.  Scapegoat, is viewed as the, "identified patient."  They can not do anything right.  Everything is their fault.
     c.  Lost Child, this child is withdrawn.  They feel a strong sense of not belonging.
     d.  Mascot or Clown, this child provides distraction from the family dysfunction. They joke around to avoid expression of painful feelings.

Of course, there are variations in all four family roles.  However, these are the foundational roles seen in dysfunctional families. 

If you have carried your role into adulthood and suffered consequences from being stuck in a dysfunctional pattern you do not have to continue.  I can help you feel better and teach you skills to reach goals.


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